Timeline of the Fifth Blight

This timeline is specific to the world in which this game exists, and does not purport to be precisely the timeline of the BioWare Dragon Age universe.

Unless otherwise mentioned, all events are part of Dragon Age: Origins.

3:10 Towers
Shayle, a female Dwarf warrior, is turned into Shale the golem

8:30 Blessed
The occupation of Ferelden begins

8:60 Blessed
Wynne is born in Amaranthine

8:65 Blessed
Wynne is discovered to have Mage powers and brought to the Circle Tower at Lake Calenhad

8:78 Blessed
Bryce Cousland is born to Teyrn Aodhan and Teyrna Lianna Cousland in Highever Castle. His father is promised that his son will be wed to the infant Eleanor Bryland.

8:85 Blessed
Oghren is born in Orzammar

8:94 Blessed
Lord Bryce Cousland begins a discreet relationship with the Grey Warden, Duncan, that will last, at intervals, the rest of their lives

8:95 Blessed
Teyrn Aodhan Cousland is killed by Orlesian Chevaliers on the battlefield. Lord Bryce and Lady Eleanor are invested by the Rebel Queen as Teyrn and Teyrna Cousland. Bryce and Eleanor succeed in holding Highever against the pretender Teyrn of Highever sent by King Meghren from Denerim.

8:96 Blessed
Lord Bryce Cousland of Highever and Lady Eleanor Bryland of South Reach wed at Highever Castle.
Moira, the Rebel Queen is slain by treacherous lords (Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne begins)

8:98 Blessed
A High Dragon is seen in the skies over Orlais. It is decreed that the soon to begin age will be called the Dragon Age.

9:00 Dragon – Dragon Age Begins

9:01 Dragon
Teyrn Bryce Cousland and Arls Leonas Bryland and Rendon Howe are nearly killed in an Orlesian rout at the Battle of White River. Howe begins to harbor a resentment for Teyrn Bryce.

9:02 Dragon
8: Fergus Cousland is born to Bryce and Eleanor at Castle Highever
1: King Maric Thierin slays King Meghren in single combat at Denerim, ending the Orlesian occupation of Ferelden (Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne ends)

9:05 Dragon
Prince Cailan is born to King Maric Thierin and Queen Rowan at the Royal Palace in Denerim
1: Alistair, King Maric’s bastard, is born to a servant girl who dies in childbirth

9:06 Dragon
15: Leliana is born in Orlais

9:08 Dragon
10: Danahn Cousland is born

9:09 Dragon
12: Lessalia is born in the Denerim alienage
3: Katrina Hawke is born in Lothering

9:11 Dragon
Leliana’s mother takes sick and dies. Leliana is raised by Lady Cecilie.

9:12 Dragon
25: Bethany and Carver Hawke are born in Lothering
5: Karen Cousland is born. She is accompanied by a stillbirth twin, Named and buried as Aedan
10: Gilmore is born to Bann Roland, a vassal lord of Teyrn Bryce
18: Danahn Cousland dies of pneumonia

9:13 Dragon
Lady Isolde marries Arl Eamon Guerrin, causing a rift between the Arl and his brother-in-law, the King.

14: Sarah Amell is born to Revka Amell in Kirkwall
27: Agneta is born to Brynn, an Apostate mage in the Bannorn. She is the illegitimate daughter of Bann Gryffid.

9:15 Dragon
Alistair (Thierin) is sent to the monastery.
5: Lord Fausten Amell dies, willing the entire Amell estate to his daughter, Leandra. His son ignores the will and never informs Leandra, keeping the estate to himself to use as a cover for his gambling habits.

9:16 Dragon
6: Ceana Siosal is born in Silversail, a port town in the Highever Teyrnir.
Unknown, about mid-Cloudreach: Surrei Aduvani is born to the Aduvani Clan in the Chasind Reaches
Unknown, about Summerday: Leliana begins learning the Bardic arts from Marjolaine
Unknown, late in the year: Deeply in debt to gamblers, Gamlen Amell sells off the Amell estate to Tevinter slavers

9:17 Solace
Agneta is given to the Chantry by her mother

9:18 Dragon
8: Sarah is discovered to possess magical powers. Due to her family’s political influence, she is brought to the Circle Tower in Ferelden rather than the much more restrictive Circle at the Gallows in Kirkwall
Unknown, about Wintersend: Leliana and Marjolaine begin a romantic relationship

9:21 Dragon
Lady Karen begins to learn the courtly arts

9:23 Dragon
Lady Karen begins her training as a battlemaiden
Ceana begins her training at the Circle Tower

9:24 Dragon
Lady Karen and Ser Gilmore begin a relationship that will last the rest of Gilmore’s life

9:25 Dragon
King Maric dies. His son and heir, Prince Cailan, succeeds him to the throne

9:28 Dragon
Leliana is betrayed by Marjolaine. She is captured, escapes, and enters the Chantry (Dragon Age: Leliana’s Song DLC).
The Darkspawn succeed in corrupting the sleeping High Dragon God Urthemiel and turn him into an Archdemon. The Fifth Blight begins, though it will take a year for the dragon to reach the surface
Duncan begins to recruit new Grey Wardens

9:29 Dragon
17: The decision is made to perform the Rite of Tranquility on Jowan
18: Duncan arrives at the Circle Tower at Lake Calenhad
19: Sarah Amell succeeds in her Harrowing and becomes a Circle Mage (Dragon Age: Origins – Mage origin)
20: Jowan escapes from the Circle Tower before his Rite of Tranquility, but exposes himself as a Blood Mage
Sarah Amell and Alistair survive the Joining. Faren Brosca, a Casteless Dwarf, perishes and is posthumously added to the Roll of the Grey.
Lessalia’s wedding is interrupted by Bann Vaughn, the son of the Arl of Denerim. Vaughn murders Lessalia’s husband and rapes her cousin Shianni. Lessalia kills Vaughn and his men, and is conscripted by Duncan into the Grey Wardens (Dragon Age: Origins – City Elf origin).
5: First sign of Darkspawn horde in the south
8: Fereldan Army begins to mass at Ostagar
10: Arlessa Isolde Guerrin of Redcliffe hires an apostate mage, Jowan, to tutor her son, Connor, to hide his magic.

9:30 Dragon
1: First battle with the Darkspawn is a victory for the Fereldan Army.
12: A second battle with the darkspawn horde is also victorious.
13: Word of the first battle reaches Denerim. The King sorties and calls for the Grey Wardens to join him at Ostagar.
15: Teyrn Loghain orders the poisoning of Arl Eamon and the assassination of Teyrn Bryce Cousland.
25: The poison being used on Arl Eamon begins to take significant effect.
4: Arl Howe’s army departs to sack Highever Castle
7: Arl Rendon Howe sets out from Amaranthine for Highever
8: Commander of the Grey Duncan comes to Highever Castle
9: Arl Eamon is thoroughly disabled by the poison
10: Word of the King’s order for an army reaches Highever Castle
14: Arl Rendon Howe arrives at Highever Castle to assassinate his old friend, Teyrn Bryce (beginning of Dragon Age: Origins)
15: The army of Highever sorties under the command of Lord Fergus
16: Arl Rendon’s army arrives at Highever Castle and assaults the castle. The Teyrn and Teyrna are assassinated and the castle staff and guards slaughtered. Lady Landra, her son and chambermaid are among the dead. Duncan and Lady Karen escape
24: The poisoning of Eamon is discovered by Arlessa Isolde. Jowan is discovered, thrown in the dungeon and tortured.
28: Duncan, Lady Karen, Sarah Amell, and Lessalia arrive at Ostagar. Lady Karen begins to attempt to convince King Cailan of the political advantages of a marriage between the Couslands and the Thierins, and to pull back the army to a more defensible position.
30: Katrina and Carver Hawke arrive at Ostagar (backstory, Dragon Age II)
1: Lady Karen succeeds in convincing King Cailan to pull back, only to discover that the army is flanked on both sides by darkspawn and must fight
Fleeing northward, the Aduvani Clan discovers a wounded, unconscious soldier and rescues him. Little do they know that this soldier is Teyrn Fergus Cousland, and will not know until he wakes several weeks later.
2: The Joining. Lady Karen Cousland and Lessalia survive, and become Grey Wardens. Daveth, Theron Mahariel and Princess Sereda Aeducan of Orzammar perish, and are posthumously added to the Roll of the Grey. Ser Jory of Redcliffe panics and attacks Duncan; he is killed and his name stricken. King Cailan promises Lady Karen his hand in marriage if they survive the coming battle
3: The fifth battle at Ostagar is a rout. Gwaren forces are pulled away from the battle at the time they were intended to attack, resulting in the slaughter of the majority of the Royal and Highever Armies. King Cailan is killed alongside Warden-Commander Duncan. Karen and Alistair are rescued from the top of the Tower of Ishal by Flemeth. Fighting together, the Hawkes, Sarah and Lessalia successfully retreat to Lothering. They find a Mabari who imprints on Sarah. Because of the circumstances of the dog’s discovery, he is nicknamed “Barkspawn”
5: Karen wakes and the Wardens, with Morrigan, head north
8: The Wardens reach Lothering, regroup with Sarah and Lessalia, and recruit Leliana and Sten
10: The Wardens split. Sarah, Lessalia and Sten head east to recruit the assistance of the Dalish Elves of Brecilia. Karen, Alistair, Leliana and Morrigan head west to Redcliffe
20: Uldred makes his move at the Circle Tower. The Templars fight their way clear and lock the doors. The Right of Annulment is called for.
22: the Cousland party arrive at Redcliffe. Karen, acting as Teyrna-in-Exile of Highever, recruits the aid of Bann Teagan
22, night: The Cousland party assist in the successful defense of Redcliffe against the undead
24: The Cousland party and Bann Teagan enter Redcliffe Castle and successfully defeat the undead forces belonging to the demon possessing Connor Guerrin
2: The Cousland party arrives at the Circle Tower and discovers it under siege
4: The Circle Tower is successfully freed from the hands of the abomination, Uldred. Wynne joins the Cousland party
5: A party departs from the Circle Tower to Redcliffe. The Cousland party is attacked by assassins under contract to Marjolaine
6: The second Warden party arrives in the Dalish camp at the Brecilian Forest
7: The Desire Demon possessing Connor is exorcised by Morrigan
Early-mid Cloudreach, date unknown: Alistair and Morrigan begin a relationship
8: The Cousland party departs from Redcliffe to seek out Brother Genitivi, the researcher seeking out the Urn of Sacred Ashes. Unbeknownst to them, the same day Brother Genitivi departs from Denerim
9: The second Warden party is attacked by, and defeats, Zevran Arainai in combat. They add Zevran to their strength
10: Lothering is overrun and destroyed by the darkspawn. Carver Hawke is killed by an Ogre. Ser Wesley is infected by Darkspawn taint and dies
12: While on the road to Denerim, Karen and Leliana begin a relationship
15: A member of the Cult of Andraste murders and impersonates Brother Genitivi’s research assistant, Weylon
26: The Cousland party arrives at Denerim
27: Leliana confronts and slays Marjolaine
28: Alistair meets, confronts, and is rejected by his sister, Goldanna.
28: The Cousland party meets and defeats the false Waylon, discovers the body of the real one, and sets off for the mountains in search of the Urn
4: The Cousland party arrives in the mountains
5: Karen Cousland celebrates her 18th birthday with a handful of hardtack and some snowmelt water.
8: The second Warden party discovers the truth about the werewolves and after defeating him in combat, convince Zathrian to relinquish his curse on them. The werewolves are reverted to humans and elves.
10: The Cousland party discovers Haven and sets off further into the mountains to find the Temple of Andraste.
11: The second Warden party departs for Orzammar by the North Road
13: The Aduvani arrive at the Brecilian Forest and find Lanaya’s clan. The clan’s healers begin the process of nursing Teyrn Fergus back to health.
15: The Cousland party arrives at the Temple. Engaging the Cult of Andraste in a running battle over the next several days.
17: The second Warden party arrives at Soldier’s Peak and prepares to do battle with the undead there
19: Soldier’s Peak is liberated from the dead and the Veil repaired. The party continues westward toward Orzammar
20: Lady Karen Cousland retrieves two pinches of ashes from the Urn of Sacred Ashes: One for Arl Eamon, and the other for Brother Genitivi to validate his find with the Chantry at Denerim
22: Fergus Cousland regains consciousness and begins the process of recovering.
28: Lady Karen and her party arrive at Redcliffe. Arl Eamon is healed. Jowan is taken into the Circle’s custody to be made Tranquil
30: The Cousland Party finds the King’s messenger, and returns to Ostagar.
1: The second Warden Party arrives at Orzammar but are barred from entry. Following a lead, they travel south to the village of Honnleath
5: The second party arrives at Honnleath in time to turn back a major darkspawn assault on the town
7: Discovering how to use the broken control rod, Shale revives the golem Shale and convinces her to join her quest
10: The Cousland party arrives at Ostagar, defeats the remaining Darkspawn and gives Cailan’s corpse a dignified burial
12: Karen, Leliana, Alistair and Wynne confront Flemeth at her hut in the Kocari Wilds
19: The Cousland party returns to Redcliffe
21: The Cousland party sets out for Orzammar from the northern shore of Lake Calenhad
Fergus Cousland leaves the Brecilian Forest to raise an army in the Bannorn.
27: The Cousland party meets the second Warden party at Orzammar. The Grey Wardens successfully petition for entry to the city based on the treaties they carry
1: The Grey Wardens reluctantly choose to support Prince Bhelen’s claim to the throne over Lord Harrowmont’s
6: The Grey Wardens enter the Deep Roads
20: The Grey Wardens discover Branka
8: The Anvil is discovered. Branka is killed, Caridin forges the Paragon’s Crown for the Wardens, who return to Orzammar
16: An army under the laurel banner of House Cousland assaults the Howe-held Highever Castle.
17: The Hawke family and Aveline Vallen arrive in Kirkwall
20: The Grey Wardens return to Orzammar and crown King Bhelen. Lord Harrowmont is sentenced to death by Bhelen to consolidate his rule
23: The Hawke sisters begin their period of indenture to Athenril, a smuggler
Late August, date unknown: Morrigan conceives a child by Alistair
8: Arl Eamon calls the Landsmeet, accusing Teyrn Loghain of treason
19: Howe forces at Highever Castle raise the white banner, signalling their surrender.
20: The Laurel Banner is raised over Highever Castle. Fergus Cousland, son of the late Bryce, sits as Teyrn for the first time.
21: Lady Karen rides for Denerim bearing a new banner: The Warden Gryphon, superimposed upon the Cousland Laurels.
25: Eamon and the Wardens arrive at Denerim. Queen Anora is kidnapped by Arl Howe
27: Lady Karen kills Arl Howe in personal combat
5: At the Landsmeet, Lady Karen promises to marry Alistair. The power and stability implicit in an alliance between the two oldest bloodlines in Ferelden convinces the Landsmeet to vote to enthrone Alistair as King with Karen as his Queen. In his first act as King, Alistair declares Anora mac Tir the Teyrn of Gwaren, and spares the life of Loghain, who will retire to a remote villa after leading the military defense of Denerim from the Darkspawn horde
25: The King, the future Queen and the other Grey Wardens set out for Highever to meet with Teyrn Fergus, Arl Eamon, King Bhelen, First Enchanter Irving, and Keeper Lanaya for a council of war.
8: The King’s Party reaches Highever Castle. The King formally invests Lord Fergus Cousland as Teyrn of Highever.
16: The army encamps for the winter. The darkspawn continue to advance through the south.
12: The darkspawn begin to assault Denerim. The Army of Ferelden, despite it being the deep of winter, marches from Redcliffe, Highever, West Hill, and South Reach. The Army of the Dales, the Army of Orzammar and the Mages of the Circle join the Army of Ferelden

9:31 Dragon

1: The gates of Denerim fall. Simultaneously, the Army of Ferelden begins to attack the rear of the Horde
3: The Grey Warden Riordan is killed by the Archdemon
4: Fereldan forces successfully break the back of the horde, ending the immediate darkspawn threat. The Archdemon lands at the Royal Palace. The Queen, King, Sarah, Lessalia, Leliana and Morrigan assault the Archdemon
5: The Dragon Urthemiel is slain by Queen Karen, ending the Fifth Blight. The Queen survives, becoming the first Grey Warden to survive her slaying of an Archdemon (end of Dragon Age: Origins)
(events of Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening)
An infant is born to the witch Morrigan and named Brighid. Brighid is left in the care of the King and Queen while Morrigan heads into the wilds to perform research
Sarah Amell is invested as a Senior Enchanter of the Circle
5: Queen Karen celebrates “the birthday I shouldn’t have had.”
1: The Hawke sisters end their indenture
Sometime during this month, Felaris’ master attempts to sell him to Tevinter slavers; Felaris escapes Amaranthine and travels to Highever.
20: The Hawke sisters encounter Varric Tethras and strike up a friendship
12: The Circle and Apostate Edict goes into effect: The role of the Templars in Ferelden is transformed from jailers to police. Templars are forbidden to pursue Apostate mages who do not threaten the citizenry. A rotating division of Templars is tasked to guard the Temple of the Sacred Ashes, so that it is not ransacked by desperate seekers after cures
23: Sarah and Lessalia report to Weisshaupt Fortress for further training
1: Jowan is made Tranquil

9:32 Dragon
Morrigan returns from her first major research retreat
5: Leliana and Queen Karen leave the palace to perform reconnaissance for the Crown

10: Avvar assault on the circus that the Queen and Leliana have entered as cover
12: Karen and Leliana begin teaching Surrei Aduvani the Bardic arts
25: Karen inducts Surrei into the Grey Wardens

10: Ceana undergoes and passes her Harrowing.

15: The Avvari Army encamps in the Arling of Redcliffe for the winter

1: Beginning of Shadows of the Fifth Blight

A note about events: This timeline does not match up precisely to the canon events of Dragon Age. For one obvious thing, more Grey Wardens than just the Hero of Ferelden survive the Joining, and there are two parties of Grey Wardens. The reason is because of actual travel times. I estimate it takes approximately two weeks at normal speeds to traverse the direct but darkspawn-infested West Road between Redcliffe and Denerim (one week at a forced march), and three to traverse the safer but much more indirect North Road (a week and a half at a forced march). I have cheated these travel times on occasion – assume in these places that the Wardens packed lightly and rode their horses harder than was strictly good for them, leaving the rest of their caravan to catch up as they were able to.

Thus, Karen, Leliana, Alistair and Morrigan – the group that I refer to as the nakama in my main Dragon Age game – never actually set foot in the Brecilian Forest until after the Battle of Denerim; because the timeline simply doesn’t give them the opportunity to, and the alliance-building they must do in the West with the Mages, Dwarves and Arl Eamon gives them precious little opportunity to spend time in eastern Ferelden at all – they get to Denerim just three times during the whole year.

Why is only the Hero of Ferelden mentioned in tales later on? Because these are tales, and artistic license is often taken. A single hero undertaking impossible tasks makes for a better tale.

I also assumed that travel both in the mountains and in the Deep Roads took a LONG time, since the party was picking its way around obstacles, carefully mapping, dealing with cave-ins and other time-consuming things. Overall, the mountain adventures, including the time in the Deep Roads, take approximately four months, because mountain travel before modern roads and cars is highly treacherous and requires slowness and caution (also because Haven is not on any normal map and the Wardens’ party simply got lost a lot).

A last difference is that Morrigan does not permanently leave the party at the end of Dragon Age: Origins, though she does periodically leave and return as research and other necessities dictate. This is partly because the Witch Hunt DLC is best left ignored.

Work remaining:
Read Dragon Age: The Calling
Play remaining DLCGolems of Amgarrak, finish Darkspawn Chronicles

Timeline of the Fifth Blight

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