Themes of the Game


As the GM, these are themes I want to work with in the game.

Raising the Banner of Hope

“The world seems beset with darkness and decay, yet despite it all there is hope in Thedas.” (GMG1 13) In this hour of gathering storm, the fire of hope lit by the Grey Wardens just two years ago seems dim and flickering indeed. In this campaign, it is the role of the player characters to preserve and nurture this flame, to make of it a bonfire that will warm all of Ferelden and the world beyond.

You Mustn’t Look to the Grey

The Grey Wardens, for the first time in centuries, are enmeshed in the politics of Ferelden. The King and Queen are both Grey Wardens, and the Queen as Warden-Commander of Ferelden is additionally the Arlessa of Amaranthine, giving her little flexibility to respond to political events outside of her Arling. The King, of course, must remain neutral in disputes that do not threaten to explode into all-out war. Warden-Commander Cousland can deploy the Grey Wardens only in response to a Darkspawn invasion of Ferelden; not a human army. Thus, this campaign is not about Grey Wardens.

Men are Darker and More Dangerous

As horrific and dangerous as the Blight was, it was only a relatively small event in the recent history of Ferelden. The Darkspawn are currently quiet; they churn and unrest in the Deep Roads but the surface is mostly free of them. Men, however, plot and scheme for power and glory, for their families and for themselves.

There are Unexplored Parts of the World

Even in relatively quiet central Ferelden, there are pockets into which no man or woman has ventured in centuries. What can be found there? What secrets might be where no eyes can see them?

You are Building Yourselves from Nothing

Elf, dwarf, freeman, mage (apostate or circle), or minor noble, your resources are effectively drained. As adventurers newly embarked upon your career, you should expect your wits, not deep treasuries and noble alliances, to take care of most problems.

Player suggestions are welcome. This is your game too!

Themes of the Game

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