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Shadows of the Fifth Blight

It is Haring 1st, Dragon 9:32; two years since the end of the Fifth Blight. Firstday, Dragon 9:33 approaches rapidly, and King Alistair Thierin and Queen Karen Cousland sit upon the throne of Ferelden. The Landsmeet, the sovereign legislature of Ferelden, composed of the land’s nobles, worry that the Grey Wardens may wish to take advantage of this situation to militarize Ferelden and turn it into little more than a forward operating base against the Darkspawn. To shore up their base of support, the King and Queen have proposed a House of Commons, a house of the Landsmeet which will for the first time give the Freeholders a voice in the government, but it is difficult going.

There is unrest in the Dwarven city of Orzammar, as the Chantry teachings of Brother Burkel come into conflict with the traditional Dwarven veneration of the Paragons. Meanwhile, King Bhelen schemes as he consolidates his hold on power, and some of the Assembly seek the assassination of the King, to put one more pliable to the traditions of the Dwarven people on the throne, perhaps one of Lord Harrowmont’s surviving relatives…

Rumblings among the Chantry indicate that they may be preparing a new Exalted March on the Dales, one that the new King and Queen are trying very hard to prevent…

A year ago, the Avvari hillmen began to invade the western reaches of Ferelden, testing the leadership of the new King and his Cousland Queen. The Western bannorns are overrun by tribesmen marching under the dragon banner of a charismatic new warlord. They reach as far as the Arling of Redcliffe and have encamped for the winter, leaving Arl Eamon little doubt what forces will be on his doorstep, but spring is coming soon… and war comes again to Ferelden.

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