Surrei Aduvani

A quick-eyed, quick-witted Chasind woman with some interesting secrets


Surrei Aduvani

(Heroic Chasind Stalker)

Abilities (focuses):
Communication (Music, Dance): 1; Constitution (Stamina): 2; Cunning (Circus lore, Poisons): 2; Dexterity (Bows, Light Blades, Stealth): 3; Magic: 1; Perception (Searching, Seeing, Tracking): 3; Strength (Climbing): 2; Willpower (Morale): 1

Combat ratings:
Speed – 13; Health – 20; Defense – 13; Armor Rating – 3


Weapon Attack Damage
Short bow +5 1d6+4
Twin Daggers +5 2x 1d6+4


Favored Stunts: Pierce Armor and Skirmish
Talents: Archery Style (Journeyman), Armor Training (Novice), Dual Weapon Style (Journeyman) and Scouting (Journeyman)
Weapon Groups: Bows, Brawling and Light Blades

*Equipment: *Light leather, short bow, and two daggers; carries a number of bombs and blade venoms hidden on her person.


Surrei Aduvani is a beautiful, dark-eyed chasind woman who seems to talk much but actually say very little.


Surrei Aduvani

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