A taciturn, surly Orlesian Grey Warden


Orlesian Chevalier (Grey Warden)

Abilities (focuses)
Communication: 0
Constitution (Stamina): 2
Cunning: 0
Dexterity (Brawling): 1
Magic: 0
Perception: 0
Strength (Intimidation, Heavy Blades): 3
Willpower (Self-Discipline): 1

Combat Ratings:

Speed: 11, Health: 50, Defense: 13, Armour Rating: 8


Weapon Attack Damage
Fists +3 1d6+3
Bastard Sword +5 2d6+4

Favored Stunts: Defensive Stance (1 SP), Dual Strike (3 SP)
Talents: Armor Training (Novice), Unarmed Style (Novice) and Weapon and Shield Style (Journeyman)
Weapon Groups: Brawling, Light Blades, Heavy Blades

Equipment: Light Plate Armour, Medium Shield and Bastard Sword


Pierre is inexperienced but highly talented – he has only fought a Darkspawn once before, but has been on many campaigns in human wars. He is only eighteen. His father raised him on stories of the valor and strength of his former Fereldan adversaries, and inspired him to become a Chevalier. He is upset by the vocal, bitter hate that Fereldans display toward Orlesians.

As a Chevalier, he received the attention of one of the Orlesian Grey Wardens, and was Joined to the order on First Day of this year.


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