A quick-witted elven girl


City Elf
Rogue 1

1 Communication
0 Constitution
2 Cunning Evaluation
3 Dexterity Initiative
1 Magic
2 Perception
0 Strength
1 Willpower

31 Health
15 Speed
13 Defense
3 Armor Rating light leathers concealed by thick layers of clothing

+3 Short Sword (1d6+2)
+3 Dagger (1d6+1)

Weapon Groups, Languages, Class Powers & Talents
Bows, Brawling, Light Blades, Staves
Trade Tongue
Rogue’s Armour
Contacts (Novice)
Stunt Bonus (Pierce Armour costs 1)

Equipment & Wealth
backpack, Traveller’s garb, waterskin, light leather armour, shortsword, dagger


Jenne grew up as a domestic servant of the Siosal family, which has recently fallen upon hard times. The family, though still comfortable, was forced to let go some of their elven servants to be able to properly pay the rest, and in order to make ends meet, Jenne was forced to use her quick wits to run confidence games and even do second-story work when money is truly tight – which this month, it is. She has a good relationship with the Siosals and will not do anything that could bring dishonor to their name or bring legal harm down upon them.

Jenne is slender in the way of elves and exotically pretty, with high cheekbones and longer-than-average ears. She is pale, with green eyes, red hair, and a scattering of freckles across her shoulders and cheeks.


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