Name: Felaris
Background: City Elf
Age: 20
Gender: M

Height: 5’10"
Description: A slender, lightly-built elf with sandy blond hair and bright green eyes. He fidgets with his hands when he’s nervous or bored, and seems constantly on edge.

Communication 1
Constitution 2
Cunning 3
Dexterity 3 (Focus: Stealth)
Magic 0
Perception 2
Strength 0
Willpower 1

Speed 15
Defense 13
Armor 3 (light leather)
Health 31

Class Powers: Backstab, Rogue’s armor
Talents: Thievery (apprentice)
Languages: Trade

Current equipment: Backpack, water skin, traveler’s garb. Light leather armor, light shield. Short sword, short bow, and a quiver with 20 arrows. Set of lock picks. Healer’s kit. Climbing equipment w/ 20 feet of hemp rope.


Felaris was born in the Amaranthine alienage. Like many young city elves with quick fingers, he turned to burglary to put bread on the table. He became fairly skilled at picking both pockets and locks at a young age, but he wasn’t satisfied. Restless and curious by nature, Felaris dreamed of a better life for himself and his family.

After months of disappointment, Felaris was able to find a human healer outside the alienage who was willing to take on an elven apprentice. His new master treated him abominably, but that was to be expected. He worked hard, bit back his complaints, and told himself that soon enough he’d learn his master’s secrets and be done with him.

That hope died when he came back to the shop one evening to find his master in a heated discussion with armed men with Tevinter accents, haggling over his price. He left Amaranthine that day, and hasn’t been back.

Currently, Felaris is going through the motions of seeking out a new teacher, but he has serious doubts that one exists for him, and he despairs of ever finding the purpose he wants in his life.


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