City Guard

The places and faces change but the job is the same. Guards! Seize them!


City/Town Guard
Warrior 1
Fereldan Freeman

Health Speed Light Mail Defense Medium Shield Armor Rating Light Mail
33 11 15 5
+1 Dagger (1d6+4)/2
+3 Throwing Axe 1d6+5 4/8 yards
+3 Spear 1d6+6
+3 Crossbow 2d6+2 30/60 yards
1 Communication
2 Constitution Swimming
2 Cunning
3 Dexterity Riding
0 Magic
1 Perception
3 Strength
1 Willpower Courage

Weapon Groups, Languages, Class Powers & Talents
Axes, Bows, Brawling, Spears
King’s Tongue
Archery Style (Novice)
Armor Training (Novice)
Weapon & Shield Style (Novice)

Equipment & Wealth
backpack, Traveler’s garb, waterskin, quiver of bolts (20), Healer’s kit, flint & steel, flask, whetstone, 4 silver, 30 copper

Goals & Ties
Protect the town/village
Make a name for himself


Only three weeks left until retirement. Getting too old for this shit.


A fresh-faced rookie on their first assignment.

City Guard

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