Ceana Siosal

A bright young mage from the Circle Tower, fresh from her Harrowing and exercising the newly won right of Fereldan mages to travel freely.



Communication: 1 Constitution: 0 Cunning: 3 (+1) → 4 Dexterity: 1 Magic: 2 (+1) → 3 Perception: 2 Strength: 2 (swap) → 0 Willpower: 0 (swap) → 2 Defense: 11 Speed: 11

Cunning (Arcane Lore)
Willpower (Self-Discipline)

Lore (Novice)—

Arcane Lance
Magic Training (Heal, Rock Armor, Stonefist)

Quarterstaff, Wand

Quest Items:
Wynne’s Notes


The Siosal family are upper middle class freeholders from one of the major port cities in Highever. Ceana’s mage talents became evident at an early age and she was sent to the Circle Tower without incident. She narrowly survived Uldred’s takeover of the Circle and became one of Senior Enchanter Wynne’s apprentices after the Fifth Blight was brought to an end, excelling in her magical studies and passing her Harrowing just before her fifteenth birthday.

Ceana Siosal

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