Trained as a templar, now what?


Name: Agneta
Background: Fereldan Freeman
Age: 19
Gender: F

Height: 6’0"
Weight: 185
Distinguishing features: Agneta is a tall (about 6 feet), muscular young woman (19 years old) with pale freckled skin, brown eyes, and long dark blonde hair that she always ties back in a single braid. She wears the armor of a templar recruit and carries the sword and shield given to her at the beginning of her templar training.

Communication 0
Constitution 2
Cunning -1
Dexterity 2
Magic 0
Perception 1
Strength 2
Willpower 3 (Focus: Self-Discipline, Courage)

Speed 12
Defense 12
Armor 4 (heavy leather)
Health 38

Class Powers: Weapon Groups: Brawling, Heavy Blades, Light Blades, Bludgeons
Talents: Dual Weapon Style (apprentice), Weapon & Shield Style (apprentice), Armor Training (apprentice)
Languages: Trade

Current equipment: Backpack, water skin, traveler’s garb. Heavy leather armor, medium shield. Bastard sword, long sword, short sword. Rope (20 yards), flint and steel, small tent, mountain garb, whetstone.


Agneta, the illegitimate daughter of a bann, was raised by the Chantry from the age of four. She spent her childhood training to become a templar and protect the Circle Tower and its inhabitants. Now that the Tower has been opened and the duty for which she trained has become unnecessary, Agneta is waiting to find out where life and the Chantry send her next.


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